How do I know I am right about MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)?

Good question. Well, 90% of my blog is lists of things the elders have DONE directly to me or friends. In only a few cases, I have listed second-hand accounts from people I don’t know, like Helen Pomery, but who have listed what the elders have done to the mainstream media. And I was againstContinue reading “How do I know I am right about MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)?”

What’s been the response to the blog?

Well, after writing a 10 minute missive each day since mid-September this year, the blog gets about 100 hits a day now and sometimes gets on the first Google search page of hits (for ‘Melbourne Christian Fellowship’). Comments are far and few between because many who have been involved in the move understandably need toContinue reading “What’s been the response to the blog?”

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