Brisbane Christian Fellowship (BCF): The Elephant in the Room

The foundational spanner in the works at BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship) is the presbytery’s and congregation’s assumption that their leader, Vic Hall, is not just basically sound but so in-tune with God that he has visitations of Christ AND that after those visitations he can conjure up new teachings that are God’s revelatory plan forContinue reading “Brisbane Christian Fellowship (BCF): The Elephant in the Room”

When did I know it was wrong?

When did I know the teaching and practice of guru headship was wrong? Interesting question. Because in some ways I knew the practice of it, by David Bonham and co, was wrong right from the start. So does that put the fault on me then? No, because MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) taught just as strongly,Continue reading “When did I know it was wrong?”

MCF is now based on a false gospel

MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) is based on a fundamental shoe-horning, by Vic Hall, of his ideas on identity and calling to not just be a major part of the gospel, but BE the gospel. We got taught that the gospel WAS finding your naming, your purpose, your works. And you do that through your guruContinue reading “MCF is now based on a false gospel”

NCF, this is the epitome of disgusting bullying presumption

The ‘letter of prophecy’ I’ve been given permission to publish, was written sometime in 2017/2018 to an ex-SCFer (Sydney Christian Fellowship), Simon Doyle, who used to worship at NCF (Newcastle Christian Fellowship, NSW). It’s typical of XCF. It’s unforgivable misuse of leadership really, because prophecy is to be ‘tested’ and ‘weighed up’ (1 Cor 14:29)Continue reading “NCF, this is the epitome of disgusting bullying presumption”

How do I know I am right about MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)?

Good question. Well, 90% of my blog is lists of things the elders have DONE directly to me or friends. In only a few cases, I have listed second-hand accounts from people I don’t know, like Helen Pomery, but who have listed what the elders have done to the mainstream media. And I was againstContinue reading “How do I know I am right about MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)?”

What is it really that MCF has done?

What is MCF? A move of God gone bad? Probably. For four reasons: Jeff Hammond’s thesis backs up the original promise of MCF/Immanuel’s restorationist teachings Both of my Dad Charles’ visions (2012 & 2019) hint at something really good initially. My personal study of the Scriptures as a techy PhD guy backs up the originalContinue reading “What is it really that MCF has done?”

To the Christian community: Warning about MCF/BCF

Hello all! I’m writing primarily to Australia’s and South East Asia’s Christian community to properly warn you about the status of the cult-like church run by Victor Hall and Ray Jackson Jnr, called ‘X Christian Fellowship‘ where X = Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and many smaller branches. There are also branches in Malaysia, Indonesia andContinue reading “To the Christian community: Warning about MCF/BCF”

The Curse of the Golden Lampstand (Part III)

Excuse my juvenile ‘Indiana Jones’-like blog page title but today I’ll conclude my 3-part series on the three travelling teachers that brought to us, at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) in the 1992-2016 period, the cultish BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship ) word and then all three men . . mysteriously . . disappeared, in many cases/locations,Continue reading “The Curse of the Golden Lampstand (Part III)”

Charles’ 2nd Vision

In 2012, my Dad, Charles had an unexpected vision of the deception the elders were under. But this week, in October 2019, after I told him about my (this) blog, he had a 2nd relevant vision that night, for the first time since 2012. In his vision this week he saw himself in a stadium,Continue reading “Charles’ 2nd Vision”

So what was the new MCF theology?

The new theology, under Vic Hall, at Melbourne Christian Fellowship (MCF) was essentially a huge over-reaction to ‘dead works’ (Heb 6), i.e. works one does of one’s own volition that may or may not be perfectly in-line with God’s will. The over-reaction was to make everyone seek God’s face via an elder. On almost anything.Continue reading “So what was the new MCF theology?”

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