The ‘Perfection’ thing. Was it a root cause?

Something I’ve alluded to a few times is that in both the earlier, pre-1988 incarnation of MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) and the post-1992 Vic Hall period, there was an varying emphasis on the ultimate ‘perfection of the Church’. This was always, to me, a no-brainer, that this was correct, as it’s based on the ScripturesContinue reading “The ‘Perfection’ thing. Was it a root cause?”

How do I know I am right about MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)?

Good question. Well, 90% of my blog is lists of things the elders have DONE directly to me or friends. In only a few cases, I have listed second-hand accounts from people I don’t know, like Helen Pomery, but who have listed what the elders have done to the mainstream media. And I was againstContinue reading “How do I know I am right about MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)?”

The Curse of the Golden Lampstand (Part I)

Just a silly title. But it’s true. The three men who most force-fed us the ‘messenger‘ word at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship), in the kindly or most enthusiastic manner, but giving us the least wriggle room to live our lives in, were: David Falk (BCF) Murray Wylie (BCF) Keith Tucker (MCF) followed by people likeContinue reading “The Curse of the Golden Lampstand (Part I)”

We lived a life of non-stop judgment

Scripture tells us not to judge each other (Matt 7:1, Rom 14:3, I Cor 4:3). But at MCF we lived a life of being judged about everything. There was no grey. There was no letting us find out ourselves through prayer and circumstance. We were told. Scripture tells us not to concern ourselves – orContinue reading “We lived a life of non-stop judgment”

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