Brisbane Christian Fellowship: The Big Bluff

Many of us ex-XCFers have noticed how nervous, cagey and guarded our overlords were at, eg, MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) & Brisbane Christian Fellowship (BCF). Both when they were trampling us and when they were covering it up (or kicking us out). It’s because the whole thing was a big bluff. How much could BrisbaneContinue reading “Brisbane Christian Fellowship: The Big Bluff”

MCF, this is what God really yearns

MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) – and all of us – what God really wants is actions of justice and kindness. I just read Isaiah 58 this morning. It couldn’t be clearer. In this case it was how you go about fasting. But for us it can be how to go about anything we do. FirstContinue reading “MCF, this is what God really yearns”

So why do I not blame myself?

I occasionally get asked this. Well, I sort-of grew up in MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship). My Dad got sucked in when I was 10 years old. And, although I didn’t start going regularly until I was 17, I had become a firm believer in its Bible-based reformationist teachings because of Dad and the books heContinue reading “So why do I not blame myself?”

Humanity was the forgotten variable at MCF

What MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) forgot, as they taught their new theology and, dangerously, put it into practice, was the human factor. What I mean is that they thought that elders could just tell people to drop all their interests and plans (under threat of going to hell) and that we would all remain saneContinue reading “Humanity was the forgotten variable at MCF”

How are we supposed to hear from the Lord?

In the aftermath of my leaving MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) in 2016, and its ‘guru headship‘ model of hearing from God, obviously I needed to get back to basics and hear from the Lord the way we are supposed to. Of course I had never stopped praying or reading the Bible. But, as most ChristiansContinue reading “How are we supposed to hear from the Lord?”

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