The Little Ones List

UPDATE: 3 more families added today (Tuesday, Dec 3rd, 2019). This is a list of people and families abused by MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)/BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship) and its offshoots, mostly, but not exclusively, since 1992 (i.e. due to the Vic Hall ‘guru messenger‘ word). It does NOT (yet) include hundreds of people affected byContinue reading “The Little Ones List”

Characteristics of (false) super apostles

IMO, the type of leadership at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) and BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship) we lived under for more than 25 years is best described by 2 Cor 11. Paul describes the characteristics of so-called ‘super apostles’, ones that were claiming to be apostolic messengers: 5 I do not think I am in the leastContinue reading “Characteristics of (false) super apostles”

MCF is now based on a false gospel

MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) is based on a fundamental shoe-horning, by Vic Hall, of his ideas on identity and calling to not just be a major part of the gospel, but BE the gospel. We got taught that the gospel WAS finding your naming, your purpose, your works. And you do that through your guruContinue reading “MCF is now based on a false gospel”

NCF, this is the epitome of disgusting bullying presumption

The ‘letter of prophecy’ I’ve been given permission to publish, was written sometime in 2017/2018 to an ex-SCFer (Sydney Christian Fellowship), Simon Doyle, who used to worship at NCF (Newcastle Christian Fellowship, NSW). It’s typical of XCF. It’s unforgivable misuse of leadership really, because prophecy is to be ‘tested’ and ‘weighed up’ (1 Cor 14:29)Continue reading “NCF, this is the epitome of disgusting bullying presumption”

Vic Hall’s ‘Guru Headship’ . . revisited

Well, today, Nov 18th 2019, the MCF(Melbourne Christian Fellowship)/BCF daily ‘devotion’ is on . . you guessed it, guru headship! They’re quoting 2 Cor 4:6 again that they, as the elders, are the face of Christ to us: Monday | 18 November 2019Light from the face of ChristSummarising the ministry through which a person is born againContinue reading “Vic Hall’s ‘Guru Headship’ . . revisited”

Dear MCF/BCF congregants

Because of the ‘violence‘ of my/our leaving in 2016, I just want you all to know we still love much of the word we learned at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)/BCF (Brisbane CF) and miss all of you guys. It’s hard not to really dislike some of your leaders because they lied to our faces, andContinue reading “Dear MCF/BCF congregants”

Present Truth

It’s a Saturday. So, have fun with these animations an inspired ex-BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship) congregant made a few years ago to parody BCF/MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship): This should come up as a playlist of about ten clips. It spoofs Vic Hall’s so-called ‘present truth’ teachings on self-naming and offerings and . . so on.Continue reading “Present Truth”

How do I know I am right about MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)?

Good question. Well, 90% of my blog is lists of things the elders have DONE directly to me or friends. In only a few cases, I have listed second-hand accounts from people I don’t know, like Helen Pomery, but who have listed what the elders have done to the mainstream media. And I was againstContinue reading “How do I know I am right about MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)?”

What is it really that MCF has done?

What is MCF? A move of God gone bad? Probably. For four reasons: Jeff Hammond’s thesis backs up the original promise of MCF/Immanuel’s restorationist teachings Both of my Dad Charles’ visions (2012 & 2019) hint at something really good initially. My personal study of the Scriptures as a techy PhD guy backs up the originalContinue reading “What is it really that MCF has done?”

What’s been the response to the blog?

Well, after writing a 10 minute missive each day since mid-September this year, the blog gets about 100 hits a day now and sometimes gets on the first Google search page of hits (for ‘Melbourne Christian Fellowship’). Comments are far and few between because many who have been involved in the move understandably need toContinue reading “What’s been the response to the blog?”

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