Brisbane Christian Fellowship: The Big Bluff

Many of us ex-XCFers have noticed how nervous, cagey and guarded our overlords were at, eg, MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) & Brisbane Christian Fellowship (BCF). Both when they were trampling us and when they were covering it up (or kicking us out). It’s because the whole thing was a big bluff. How much could BrisbaneContinue reading “Brisbane Christian Fellowship: The Big Bluff”

So why do I not blame myself?

I occasionally get asked this. Well, I sort-of grew up in MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship). My Dad got sucked in when I was 10 years old. And, although I didn’t start going regularly until I was 17, I had become a firm believer in its Bible-based reformationist teachings because of Dad and the books heContinue reading “So why do I not blame myself?”

There was something unique about our leaving

We were the only ones who – to my knowledge – ever left MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) ‘violently’. By ‘violently’ I mean with a big fuss. Why? I’m not trying to big note myself. Or air dirty laundry. I just want to know why. Everyone else – to my knowledge – didn’t try and rockContinue reading “There was something unique about our leaving”

When did I know it was wrong?

When did I know the teaching and practice of guru headship was wrong? Interesting question. Because in some ways I knew the practice of it, by David Bonham and co, was wrong right from the start. So does that put the fault on me then? No, because MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) taught just as strongly,Continue reading “When did I know it was wrong?”

What is it really that MCF has done?

What is MCF? A move of God gone bad? Probably. For four reasons: Jeff Hammond’s thesis backs up the original promise of MCF/Immanuel’s restorationist teachings Both of my Dad Charles’ visions (2012 & 2019) hint at something really good initially. My personal study of the Scriptures as a techy PhD guy backs up the originalContinue reading “What is it really that MCF has done?”

The cult of ‘Guru Headship’ was dangerous nonsense

The way of ‘guru headship’, as taught at Melbourne Christian Fellowship, and its Brisbane counterpart, apart from being non-Biblical, was horrifically presumptuous and lazy. And dangerous. And, Biblically, complete nonsense. But here I’ll focus on how, in the end, it was a con-job. It put elders between man and Christ as an actual required-for-salvation doctrinalContinue reading “The cult of ‘Guru Headship’ was dangerous nonsense”

Charles’ 2nd Vision

In 2012, my Dad, Charles had an unexpected vision of the deception the elders were under. But this week, in October 2019, after I told him about my (this) blog, he had a 2nd relevant vision that night, for the first time since 2012. In his vision this week he saw himself in a stadium,Continue reading “Charles’ 2nd Vision”

The Jerusalem Passion (Oratorio)

While writing my post on Murray Wylie, I played his beautiful oratorio on YouTube. At this point of the clip I burst into weeping: I wept for the loss and waste. For Murray and his depression. The lost friends. The remembrance of the purity of that presentation. It’s lost vision. The original promise. Of theContinue reading “The Jerusalem Passion (Oratorio)”

Humanity was the forgotten variable at MCF

What MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) forgot, as they taught their new theology and, dangerously, put it into practice, was the human factor. What I mean is that they thought that elders could just tell people to drop all their interests and plans (under threat of going to hell) and that we would all remain saneContinue reading “Humanity was the forgotten variable at MCF”

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